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Metal Finishing is a complete distributor of Axxiom/Schmidt Blasters and Abrasive Airblasting Systems as well as Armex Soda Blast Equipment manufactured by Axxiom/Schmidt (Click on the Soda Blast link at the top menu for more information on those systems).

Please visit their website at www.axxiommfg.com for more information

Metal Finishing can offer standard pressure pots, bulk blasting systems, multi-media series blasters & blast & recovery systems or we can work with you and Axxiom/Schmift to custom design a system to work.


Schmidt Pots02Schmidt Pressure Blasters:

Stationary or Portable pressure blasters available in standard 1.5, 3.5, 6.5, 10 or 20 cu. ft blasters, 1” or 1-1/4” piping, pneumatic remote controls, ComboValve®, MVII® Precision Media Valve, 55’ twinline control hose and G2 deadman control. Also available with a number of options such as Moisture Separators, Thompson Valve II® Electric Remote controls, Thompson II Valve Upgrade with manual blowdown and other options.

Packages also available which include pressure pot, blast hose assemblies, nozzle holders, nozzle, respirator with 50’ air supply and air filter kit.

1.5, 3.5 and 6.5 in stock at factory or have short lead times for quick delivery.
Click here for product literature.


Schmidt Multi-MediaMulti-Media Series:

Designed to run light weight abrasives like soda or plastic with the capabilities of running all abrasives, the M-Series is a mid-size blaster with a wide range of capabilities.  From cleaning the surface grease and oil to stripping rust or paint.  It has a greater weight distribution for easier handling and a lower overall height for easier filling. The new engineered chassis makes accessing the Thompson Valve® II a breeze. It can handle be used with a wide range of abrasives including sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), aluminum oxide, plastic media, glass beads, crushed glass and even steel grit.

Mini-Multi-Media Series: 0.9 CF includes pressure hold blaster, 25’ blast hose assembly, water line, deadman and control hose, Thompson II Valve, AAV, nozzle and wet blast attachment.  MFG List Price starts at: $ 3,060.00 (literature)

3 Sizes are available and systems include vessel, media vibrator, lid, screen, Thompson Valve® II Metering valve, pneumatic remote controls, twinline, waterline and wet blast attachment for dust control. Mfg List Pricing starts at   $6,125.00 - Hose and nozzle sold separately
M-11 1.5 cu. ft. with 1” piping
M-12 2.0 cu. ft. with 1-1/4’ Piping
M-31 3.0 cu. ft. with 1-1/4” Piping
Product Literature

Schmdt MiniblasterMini Blasters (Pressure Hold):

Portable blasters with a vessel rated at 125 psi, 3/4” piping, pneumatic remote controls, auto air valve, Thompson II Metering valve, twinline control hose and G2 deadman control, manual pop-up and blowdown, 25’ blast hose assembly and 1/8” ceramic nozzle and screen.

Everything you need to start blasting, available in:
-0.5 CF Portable Blaster
-0.9 CF Portable Blaster

Starts at a Mfg List Price of $ 1,640.00
Product Literature here

High Volume Moisture Separators & Air Prep Systems:

High Volume Moisture Separators available in both 800 and 1600 CFM Stationary or portable models. Lists from $1,150-$1,750.00

Airprep Systems available in 250-2500 CFM Aftercoolers or Deliquescent Air Dryers with the same CFM Models.

Bulk Blasters:

A high productivity blasting system that features multi-outlet Thompson Valve® II controls that allow each operator independent control of his abrasive media flow. Standard bulk systems include 20, 120, 160, 500, 650 and 800 cu. ft. sizes.


Blast and Recovery System, Industrial Blast and Recovery System, Vacuum Loading Systems, Storage hoppers and Double Chamber Pots also available.

Schmidt Thompson Schmidt TVII Schmidt Micro Schmidt MV2
Schmidt Combo
Schmidt G2

Schmidt Abrasive Valves:

MV2: The newest valve to the schmidt line that replaces the original Micro Valve.  The valve is easier to use and maintain.  You don’t even need to remove from the pressure pot to perform maintenance on the valve.  Some improved features include clean out feature, rebuild kit can be installed from bottom of valve without removal or valve, higher abrasive flow control, Metering position indicator on handle and other improved features. Literature

Thompson II Valve: The next generation to the original Thompson Valve, it is a normally closed precision metering valve that is self sealing and responds to either pneumatic or electric remote controls.  A remote abrasive cut-off feature can be used to shut-off grit flow to allow an air-only blow-off feature.  It is ideal for multi-port use, and can be adaptable to most blasters and existing systems.  It has a lower profile, a higher level of performance, enhanced valve features than the Thompson Valve giving it longer life and easier maintainability.  Different sleeves are available for different valve function. Literature

Micro Valve & Thompson Valve - The original Micro and Thompson Valve are still available along with replacement parts.

ComboValve: A normall closed valve that combines an inlet with an outlet valve.  It can be controlled with either a pneumatic or electric remote control system. When the operator starts blasting, the valve pinches the blowdown hose and opens the inlet parts of the valve. This valve eliminates abrasive traps, plungers, and diaphragms that causes premature failure of other inlet/outlet valves. Any repair to the valve can be performed without removing the valve from the pot.  The blowdown hose can be replaced easily and extended to vent the exhaust air safely from the operator. 

G2 Deadman Valve: An improved pneumatic deadman control handle with improved features over the original handle that allows easier handling and use of the valve, easier changing of replacement parts and increased response time.

Valve Literature

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